About Us

Liquip South Australia is proud to be a key part of Liquip International’s Distributor Network.

Our mission is to supply our customers a range of specialist liquid handling products and technical services and deliver these with uncomprising performance.

Holding healthy stocks of Liquip’s well known tanker and fuel handling components and backed by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the industry, Liquip South Australia provide the following services:


  • Road tanker service and repairs
  • Tanker upgrades 
  • AIP inspections 
  • Tanker dispensing system repairs 
  • Electronic and pneumatic repairs 
  • Overfill system diagnostics and repairs 
  • Meter, pump and hosereel installation, replacement and repairs 
  • Diptronic Road tanker installations and repairs 
  • On site service and repairs


  • Terminal and depot spares, repairs and maintenance
  • Terminal and depot installations for pumps, meters, loading arms and overfill systems


  • Automatic tank gauging systems for static installations
  • Fuel storage tank and dispensing systems maintenance and repairs 
  • Tank and dispenser supply and installation

For more information, please contact

10 Creswell Road
Largs North
South Australia 5016

Phone: +61 8 8341 7009
Fax: +61 8 8341 7074